Vocab Chap. 3 Vocab Chap. 3 – Lang Arts

Term Definition
animated full of life, lively
brood family of young animals, usually birds; unhappy
culminate reach a high point of development; to end
downright thorough; complete
drone loafer; remote-control device
goad something used to urge someone on
indulge giving in to a wish or desire, give up to
ingredient one of the materials in a mixture, recipe
literate able to read and write; educational background
loom to come into view; a machine for weaving
luster quality of giving off light, brightness
miscellaneous mixed, different kinds
oration public speech for a formal event
peevish whiny, irritable, complaining
seethe to boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed
singe burn slightly; burn ends or edges
unique one of a kind; unuaual
upright vertical, straight; good, honest
verify establish the truth; confirm
yearn have a strong and earnest desire