Days and Months Spanish Days and Months

English Spanish lunes Monday martes Tuesday miercolels Wednesday jueves Thursday viernes Friday sabado Saturday domingo Sunday enero January febrero February marzo March abril April mayo May junio June julio July agosto August septiembre September octubre October noviembre November diciembre December

PVA 4th History C3 History Chapter 3 vocabulary

Term Definition producer a person who makes goods or products to sell transporation the movement of goods, people, or animals form one place to another profit the money a business has left over after all the costs of the business are paid technology the development of scientific knowledge to solve problems communication telephone and emails

Art Appreciation Vocabulary Test

Term Definition Artist People who make art Contemporary Art Artwork done in our own day and age Traditional Art Meaning that its form, style, subject, matter are familiar as art Relics Objects that survive or are preserved from the past Architecture Style of certain kinds of public buildings Archaeologist Scientists who explore ancient cities and

Vocab Chap. 3 Vocab Chap. 3 – Lang Arts

Term Definition animated full of life, lively brood family of young animals, usually birds; unhappy culminate reach a high point of development; to end downright thorough; complete drone loafer; remote-control device goad something used to urge someone on indulge giving in to a wish or desire, give up to ingredient one of the materials in


Term Definition Symmetric Property If a=b, then b=a Transitive Property If a=b and b=c, then a=c Reflexive Property a=a Substitution Property If a=b, then b can replace a in any expression Distributive Property a(b+c)=ab+ac Division Property of Equality If a=b and c doesn't equal 0, then a/c=b/c Multiplication Property of Equality If a=b, then a