Art Appreciation Vocabulary Test

Term Definition
Artist People who make art
Contemporary Art Artwork done in our own day and age
Traditional Art Meaning that its form, style, subject, matter are familiar as art
Relics Objects that survive or are preserved from the past
Architecture Style of certain kinds of public buildings
Archaeologist Scientists who explore ancient cities and villages to discover,identify and catalog relics
Aesthetic How something looks
Good Design Logical and harmonious relationship among all of the parts of an artwork
Aesthetic Experience Enjoying something for its own sake
Description of art Facts not opinions
Facts True for everyone
Opinions Personal beliefs true for some but not others
Art elements line, shape, form, value, color, space, texture, and movement
Descriptive Lines Outlines, contour lines, crosshatching, and hatching
Expressive Lines Lines that convey feelings and ideas by width and movement
Three-dimension from (H,W2D)
Two-dimension shape (H2W)
Contour defines edges that vary in thickness and darkness to turn shapes into forms
Outlines Describes the outer edges of shapes
Value An element of design concerned with the degree of lightness of colors. Darker colors are lower in value
Shading the use of light and dark pigments to give the feeling of depth to a from
Hatching Using closely spaced parallel lines to suggest light and shadow
crosshatching Using closely spaced crossed parallel lines to suggest light and shadow
Optical mixing Occurs with hatching and crosshatching causing the eye to blend white with the lines to create shades of gray
Abstract Lines Are limited primarily to expression
Edge where one shape or color ends and another begins
Closure The tendency to complete partial forms or shapes by seeing lines that do not exist
Calligraphy beautiful lines
Horizontal Lines Giving a feeling of stability,calmness and restfulness
Vertical Lines Giving a feeling of strength or power
Line of sight the implied lines along which people look
Figure Shape that seems to stand out of appear on top
Ground shapes that appear underneath or surrounding by the figure
Shape Two dimensional having only height and width
Form Three Dimensional having height. width, and depth